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Darren & Megan

Simon's Town

Darren and Megan were married at the beautiful little Catholic church of Saints Simon and Jude. Built in 1885, this is one of the oldest churches in the country and has always had strong ties to the navy. On the 3rd of March 2012, 127 years later, people congregated here to witness the marriage of Megan and Darren.

Simon's Town is truely a quiant Victorian village by the sea and the perfect setting for a wedding celebration; overlooking the deep waters of False Bay, boulders, penguins, beaches and a massive mountain range in the distance! Simply beautiful.

I love Simon's Town for two reasons, firstly because if it's natural beauty and secondly because it's a mere 7 km over Red Hill, from where I live. It's an oppertunity to do more weddings in this little sleepy village.

They had a mid day wedding celebration, so we decided to take their couple photos right at the end - a beautiful late afternoon beach shoot at Miller's point! I loved this location and would recommend this quiet little beach to anyone for a  little shoot, if you don't mind the sand between your toes.

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