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Truffle is a four-legged American Gentleman who spends his days at the Old Castle Brewery as pack leader to a dynamic team of IT specialists. Effcomm follows an unconventional, creative approach to conceptualising their work space - entertainment and games on the one level, as the urban home dweller's apartment, and up one level to a minimalist work space environment with one very large desk space (to strenghten organisational culture) and many dominant left brainers at work. This productive floor space caters for the all important Truffle - who has two oversized bright red beanbag thrones from where he dominates the entire paw empire floor space, okay half the floor space:) 

This ridiculously cute Boston breed is really an asset to the company, as he has stolen IT hearts and reminds the team that play time is important to keep that golden cultivate the highly effective win-win Stephen Covey habits. Truffle is the embodiment of the company's vision -stubborn determination, creativity, play -  a dynamic work culture in which dogs are not only acceptable at work, but almost neccesary for productivity. Yes, Truffle is wise, intelligent, friendly, has a sensible non-barking attitude towards life, compactly built body, to cuddle and squeeze, with a rather short-to-nearly-non-existent tail, errect ears, alert disposition and a real poser.

I really enjoyed taking his portrait, because he made me laugh so much by the art of his being, his Platonian dogness. Dogs truly live in the present time and within every moment, like miniature Buddhas...and they have impeccable integrity. I love dogs. They are pure joy and for our happiness. What would the world be like without em? I can't even imagine. 

"A dog can never tell you what she knows from the
smells of the world, but you know, watching her,
that you know
almost nothing." 
― Mary Oliver, Dog Songs

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