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Heath & Juanita

Kalk Bay

Kalkbay is one of my most favourite places in Cape Town - it's quirky and vibrant , with cool little antique shops and vintage treasures everywhere  and the best ice cream shop in the world called the The Ice Cafe -must have two scoops with a non guilty conscience to embrace the wonderful flavours.

We started our little morning shoot on the beach, near Cape to Cuba  - this Cuban style restaurant is simple amazing and I love the catholic iconic art pieces, chandeliers and Frida portraits and the food is really REALLY GOOD!

I digress. After greeting daylight we walked to the harbour and a few little shops.

Heath and Juanita were great models and my inspiration to keep filming my patient subjects in this exquisite little bay village had lead us to take photo's into the late morning hours - so we had to simple draw the line and stop :( Enough is enough, right?

I might have a slight compulsion to  squeeze my camera's shutter  or a lack of motor planning to my finger tips to inhibite squeesing actions when it's time to wrap up!

We grabbed a quick coffee at Olympia Cafe  -  the best bakery in the city  - it really is the best.

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