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Gert Naude Art Sensation


Gert Naude started painting about 15 years ago and has dedicated his passion to the fine arts.  He's had 45 solo exhibitions and his work can be seen around the Globe, including USA, Canada and Britain

Settled into his new studio in picturesque Greyton area, he now paints and exhibits locally at the new MILK+ gallery.

Gert Naudé  works on heavy duty board using a reductive technique by scraping off layers of paint to develop the works characterization.This method  of reducing  (with fast, strong movements) creates a  result which has a similarity to Chinese lacquer furniture.

Replacing the paintbrush with screwdrivers, putty knifes, fine steel brushes and nails to work the paint. The result is contemporary art pieces that juxtaposition ethereal beauty with the solid ancient environment in which they are created.

"I find creating art deeply meditative; it's a translation of my emotions into something tangible. I tend to focus more on the emotional being than the figurative one, and see the religious and iconic themes in my work as an expression of the ultimate portrayal of unconditional love. My work is like a diary, I can look back and see where I was at the time of its creation." - G. Naude

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