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Nick & Lee-Anne

Kalk Bay

An early morning shoot takes courage, especially if you're a night owl like me. I don't often plan morning shoots, but it's worthwhile to arrange around certain locations, like busy harbours and crowded beaches.

It's quite special to greet a brand new day as the peaceful night's coolness lifts from the earth and darkness becomes lightness, in waves and particles, with reflections -'s truly a multi sensory experience that seems even more glorious than the golden hour of sunset, because there is an unfamiliar stillness and the feeling of expansive city spaces when everyone is still asleep. One becomes keen observer of this motionless environment as human activities start to unfold on bicycles, on foot, in cars and then trains. It's exciting to see it a city wake up, like a film production with no retakes.

Dearest dawn, you are a very special time when we make plans to meet you, but you are definitely in a hurry as your soft morning rays becomes bright daylight. There is a fine balance in time to capture light between to opposite poles in the mornings, but Kalk Bay gives plenty of shade between historic building and steep little ally ways.

Nick and Lee-Anne, who were brave enough to drive all the way from Stellenbosch at 03:30 to be on time for the early morning sunrise in mid summer Kalk Bay, gave new meaning to the definition of early morning. Once you're up it's surprisingly easy to start the day, even at 03:30, which possibly meant hair and make up, before bed time (if I were them).

It was an unusually early morning shoot, but then there's nothing more rewarding than the newness feeling at sunrise followed by an early morning Americano at Cafe Olympia and an end with the entire day to still look forward to.

Nick and Lee-Anne are getting married later this year in the Klein Karoo, Prins Alberts. 










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