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James & Jenny


Jenny and James can be described as ligand and receptor, if you can describe love in terms of neuro peptides! They are a perfect match. I say this, because I know Jenny  Buckle and in my opinion they simply fit together! I also say this because Jenny is the program director of a company called REACH. This is an organisation focussed on treating chidren with ASD, following a biomedical and scientific behavioural approach. Her work and insights into austism and the relevance of gut dysbiosis and treatment through diet, have positively and dramatically altered the lives of children with ASD.

"The prevalence of autism, a neurodevelopmental disorder with multi-organ involvement, is increasing. Once considered the worst of all developmental disorders, research is showing that autism is treatable and early identification and appropriate management can improve the quality of life of these individuals and their families."


They wanted to celebrate their union with close friends and family at this magnificant art deco home in Big Bay and I was fortunate to be a part of their special day.

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