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Frequently Asked Questions



What style do you typically use to shoot your weddings?

I arrive early while the bride or wedding party and family is getting ready. I use this time to document everything as it unfolds.  The bride needs to be ready first, so that formal portraits can be taken. These are usually interior shots with the bride, but it depends on the setting. 

Keep in mind that the room where the bride is getting dressed should be a spacious, uncluttered and bright ( large windows are great, white walls and ceilings too) as the quality and style of your photos will depend on this.

Make sure that your hairstylist and make-up artist are experienced individuals. Fixing make up or spending more time than required styling hair will cut into the time that is neccesary to take your bridal portraits. When this happens and time is limited you will feel rushed and not get the desired results. You should be relaxed and comfortable for your photographs. Great images take time to style an capture. 

During the ceremony I document everything. It's important to remember to slow down. Walk down the aisle very slowly. Place rings on your partners fingers slowly. Kiss for about 10 seconds!  A second kiss is great too. Take your time. This will help ensure that you have great photos. 

Family portraits are quick, fun and spontaneous. Not stiff.  I take on a more contemporary style, grouping family members into smaller groups within the group to avoid the typical fire brigade line pose. Think asymmetry. Let the master of ceremonies round up guests and coordinate groups for easy flow on your wedding day.

For the couple portraits I'd like the bride and groom to be as comfortable as possible, so we usually decide on 1 or 2 locations prior to your wedding day and an additional indoor location during the rainy season. I usually give some direction in terms of posing and styling to add elegance to the composition, but most clients will gain confidence as the shoot progresses and become less self aware and thus more natural in front of the camera. I enjoy creating editorial images that are naturally styled to give a elegant fashionable edge to your photos, but I also balance styled images with  photo-journalistic moments where emotion are spontaneously captured. Depending on the couple, photos can be spontaneous or intimate. It really depends on your personalities and what you bring to to the shoot in terms of relationship dynamics and spontaneity. The most important component that the client bring to the shoot is the ability to just be themselves. The most important task I have is to capture your unique personalities as well as as the intimate relationship in the most natural way.

I look for clean, soft light,  simple backgrounds, colour, contrast and strong compositions. Clean simple lines are best. I also focuss on the story line adding detail and balancing contextual images with close-ups. 

The quality of the light is crucial to ensure best results for your couple photos, so please consult with your photographer to find out which time frames will be best for your bride-groom couple portraits.

Reception coverage depends on the client. My basic service package consists of 8 hours of photographic coverage and usually covers your entire wedding day, including basic reception formalities. There is really no need to book your photographer into the late evening for your reception. If you consider the practical uses of these images in terms of preserving memories and album layouts as well as the variety of shots that you will find,  there is no real difference between two or five hours of reception coverage.

I recommend cutting the cake before opening the dance floor - it just flows better this way.  A great alternative is to open the dance floor upon entering the reception venue. Also remember to leave the lights on during the first two songs and to dance your entire first song without guests joining the dance floor.


I love wedding vendors

Make up & Hair


Live Music Entertainment


Flowers & Decor



When looking for my wedding photographer what is the most important thing that I should consider?

You should feel comfortable with your photographer right from the start. This is the most important aspect in choosing a photographer as he or she will be spending the entire day with you, documenting your wedding. Ask yourself if you are in love with their work. Does your vision match their vision? Do they "get you"? Do  they care about you? A passionate photographer will be interested in finding out about you, how you met, your vision for your wedding day etc. Don't settle for anything less. Choose someone who you really resonate with.


What are some important questions I should ask all of my potential wedding photographers?

What is your style of shooting a wedding? Do you bring backup equipment? How much coverage do you provide on my wedding day? What is your plan if you get ill, or if another emergency situation arises so that you can't shoot my wedding day? Do you have an assistant or second shooter present with you on my wedding day? 


What are the requirements from the client's side for a wedding shoot?

A detailed time-table with exact time frames for each segment of your wedding day.

A list of your chosen wedding vendors and their contact details, especially the wedding coordinator. 

A list of your formal family portraits ( about 8 groups) as well as an appointed guest who will be able to coordinate guests to be on time for their group portraits. This is really helpful and can save a great deal of time. 

Allowing sufficient time for your pre-wedding portraits, family portraits and couple photos is essential to create good flow on your wedding day. A great photograph takes time to style and it takes a bit of time for the client to feel at ease and feel comfortable in front of the camera.

A guideline to time frames:

Reception décor - 30 minutes
Dress and shoe detail - 30 minutes
Hair and make up - 30 minutes
Getting dressed - 20 minutes
Pre wedding portraits of the bride - 60 minutes ( includes smaller group shots with bridesmaids and parents)
Ceremony - depends on you.
Canapés - depends on you.
Family portraits - 30 - 45 minutes (8 - 10 groups)
Bridal portraits - 60 minutes (important to entertain guests for an hour during your            couple shoot)
Reception - depends on you. Recommended time frame is 2 hours.

Time of day is the most important consideration for your photos.  A good way to approach this is to find out when the sun will set on your wedding day and to use the last hour or two before sunset as the time frame for your couple location portraits. Late afternoon light is soft and flattering. Now you have a fixed point to work from so that you can plan your ceremony and reception time frames accordingly.

Ensure that there is enough time in between each segment of your wedding day, so that you don't run late and feel stressed out on the day. Hiring a wedding coordinator could be very helpful if you need assistance in planning your wedding. 


What is the turn around time for wedding photos?

You will receive all of your wedding photos between 8 - 10 weeks after your wedding, unless otherwise discussed.


How many images will I receive?

An unlimited amount of images will be taken on your wedding day.  8- 9 hours of photographic coverage usually covers your entire wedding day.  I will edit 500+ images, fully edited. Quality is more important than quantity.

You will receive all your high resolution images on a USB device for easy transference.


Can I post my wedding photos to Facebook, personal blog etc?

Absolutely. All I ask is that credit is given to my photos.


Will my wedding photos be displayed on your blog?

I cannot guarantee a blog post, but I do my best to showcase my favourite images of every shoot. My main goal is to prepare and finish my client's images and get their images to them. Your photos will be uploaded onto a private client gallery, once you have received your parcel. It is useful to send the private gallery link to your guests so that they will be able to view or download wedding photos from my website.


Do you give out RAW unedited files?

I do not. Every image is tweaked for white balance, saturation and exposure. Suitable images are converted to black&white and other basic colour treatments.


How do you process your images?

I go through all your image in LightRoom and Photoshop, where I tweak and correct images for colour balance, saturation and contrast. Images that are converted to black and white are usually more emotional shots or images where monotone gives the overall images a stronger effect by reducing clutter or emphasizing texture. I do not edit photos for colour spotting as it is not my style of editing.


What is an engagement shoot?

This is an outdoor photo shoot session with the couple a few months before their wedding day. I usually recommend a few locations to the couple. Good ideas include ruins, car graveyard, architecture, cityscape, winelands, fields or beach locations, depending on the couple's preference. 

An engagement shoot is a great way to really connect with your photographer and understand the process of styling and capturing images. The photos that you receive can also be a great tool to give yourself feedback and this can help you notice and improve small elements like styling hands, to enhance your wedding photos on your wedding day. Noticing the way you move and being more aware of your body can add elegance and finess to your photos.

This shoot is also a good way for me to get to know you, the client. It's important to get a feel for the couple, so that I can capture your personalities and relationship in an auhentical way.

It's a fun and informal shoot and it's really good practice for the couple. You will feel comfortable with your photographer and more confidant in styling yourself on your wedding day, so you will know what to expect.

Engagement photos can be used for safe-the-date cards, wedding blogs, signing books or large canvas displays on your wedding day, so keep this in mind.


What other type of shoots do you offer?

Trash the dress sessions, boudoir sessions, bridal sessions, lifestyle sessions, couple, pregnancy, new born, family, model test shoot and corporate identity portraits.


I'm engaged and I'm starting the process of planning my wedding. I have no idea where to begin?

Firstly, you'll need to secure a beautiful venue. 

In order to get the photographer you really want, I would say that this would be your second decision.

After this it's all about the detail. There are so many DIY and styling wedding blogs that I can recommend to clients: South Bound Bride, WeddingFriends and Ohdarlingdays as local DIY wedding inspiration other international websites:


You can also collect inspiration boards on Pinterest to collect ideas and share them with the relevant vendors. This way you can have it all in one place rather than binders with magazine clippings - very 21st century bride.


Do you offer wedding albums?

Coffee Table Books  are a popular choice in the wedding industry - available in various sizes - printed on 150gms top art triple coated environmental gree matt paper. Hard covers, personalised hard covers, linen covers or leatherette ( available in black or nutmeg) are a great way to preserve and showcase your images at affordable prices. Genuine nappa leather in dark brown is available on request.


I want to book you for my wedding date! What should I do next?

Email me your wedding date at [email protected] or use my contact page to send me your request. I try to accommodate clients as best I can in terms of the level of coverage they desire and/or wedding budgets. Please enquire with a detailed brief for customised quotes.

Please include the following in your email: number of guests attending, venue, level of coverage you need on your wedding day and your budget.

I will send you a wedding quote, specific to your photographic needs. If you are interested in utilising my services we could arrange to meet up at a local coffee shop or at my home. 

If you cannot meet up and prefer emailing or skyping that is fine too. If we both feel that we are a good fit for each other, then we can proceed with the booking. In order to hold your wedding date a non-refundable deposit of R2000 and a signed contract will be required. The remaining balance is due 7 days prior to your wedding date.

Travel expenses will be calculated into the balance due. 

All payments and contracts are done electronically and securely over the internet.

Thank you for reading the FAQ's :)

I look forward to hearing from you! 

Christine Adendorff

I am a wedding and portrait photographer, based in the beautiful mother city of Cape Town. I enjoy travelling and working along the Garden Route with many blissful visits to the Klein Karoo. I strive to take photos that are simple, natural and beautiful. I welcome the opportunity to meet interesting people, like yourself, to discuss the possibility of creating amazing images with you, that you will love and treasure for life.

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